Share Your Story

Share Your Story: Inspire International Students

share-storyThis research project invites you to share your experiences and inspire other international students in the form of stories of academic experiences. You can write about anything related to your academic experience (in the US), such as a difficulty, confusion, or turning point involved in learning to read or write new kinds of assignments, conduct research or make a presentation, or tackle social challenges related to academic success. Or, you may have a strength, success, or advantage that you had that you can share to inspire others.

Your “story” may have a storyline in it, be a reflection or discussion of an issue, or a description of an event that has a theme to it. Of course, a story containing an event or series of events plus a stated/implied theme would be ideal, but the general purpose of your writing is to convey a point through what you tell your readers.

Your story must be 500 – 2000 words (though some may be outside that range) and it must focus on academic transition and success (not cultural or social experience) after you started studying here in the US. See featured stories for example.

NEW: If you are a teacher/scholar with the experience of being/supporting international students, you are also invited to submit an “expert post,” which you can do using this form.

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