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If you are, or have been, an international student, you’ve most likely faced challenges with learning new words, concepts, skills, and perspectives especially when you first joined an American college or university. At one point or another, you probably found yourself saying something like, “Oh, I wish I knew this a long time ago!” Guess what, other international students could greatly benefit if you share a few tips for success with them. Stories can be not only a good source of ideas for people in similar situations, they can also be very inspiring.

sharestoryThis site allows you to share your experiences and inspire other international students by means of stories of your academic experiences in US universities. You will receive $15 each for up to three stories in the form of gift cards as a token of thanks.

If you’d like to share your story (click on image on right), you can write about anything related to your academic experience, especially the experience at the beginning of your time at a US college/university. Your story could be about a difficulty, confusion, or turning point involved in learning new terms, concepts, and skills that were necessary for fulfilling academic activities like reading for class, conducting research, writing assignments, working in academic positions, and making decisions about your academic career.

Or, your story could be about a positive advantage that you had because of greater knowledge on a particular subject, higher than average skills in a special area, or a personal quality/strength. And it could be a reflection on how you sooner or later found ways to translate your past academic knowledge/skills into academic/professional success in the US university.

Your contribution does not have to be a “story” in a limited sense. Besides being a narrative with a storyline in it, it can also be a reflection, discussion, or description of an event or idea from your experience. Of course, a story containing an event or series of events as well as a theme will be ideal, but the general purpose of your writing is to convey a point through what you tell your reader.

Your story must be 500 – 2000 words, focus on academic transition* and success (not cultural or social experience) after you started studying here in the US, and include a specific incident whose message you discuss more or less explicitly before or after the incident. See featured stories for example.

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*The processing of acquiring/understanding new language/concepts, skills/knowledge, outlook/confidence, etc needed for adapting to and succeeding in the US university. You are encouraged to focus on specific subjects like learning academic skills like reading, critical thinking, researching, writing, and the like.

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